Marco Ferraz is a passionate by nature who decided to change his career as a Biotechnology Engineer for a life dedicated to Environmental Education, leading projects related to Environmental Management, Mycology and Nature Conservation.
AMBIEDUCA is a registered trademark created by Marco Ferraz to stimulate activities to bring kids and adults in contact with nature and stimulate healthy and sustainable life style practices.
Registered in Turismo de Portugal with the reference nº 470/2016, AMBIEDUCA is also recognized for Nature Tourism, which allows it to operate in different natural parks, and protected landscapes of Portugal.
AMBIEDUCA is an official tour operator of Faia Brava Reserve, a percentage of the value of the programs revert to nature conservation actions in the Reserve.
Resulting from a protocol with the Archeological Park (Unesco World Heritage Site since 1998) and specialized training, Ambieduca is official tour operator to visit the three sites of the Côa Valley Archeological Park: Penascosa, Canada do Inferno and Ribeira de Piscos.
AMBIEDUCA invites you to discover the Natural & Cultural Heritage of the Douro & Côa and North of Portugal in the company of those who feel and vibrate each experience as unique and special!

In the company of those who feel the territory in a unique and special way!


People who always support and endorse our good work!