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In 2010, the Faia Brava Reserve was classified as the first Private Protected Area of the country also being a pilot area for the European project Rewilding Europe for the creation of wild natural areas and development of nature tourism.Located between Serra da Marofa mountain range and the vineyard covered Douro, in the heart of the river cannon of the Côa river, the Faia Brava Reserve, with 850 ha, promotes actions in the domains of ecological restoration through improvement of habitats, increasing the availability of food for the most endangered species and forest management. The deep granitic cliffs which characterize the territory where it is located are the origin of the name of the reserve - "faia" means cliff - which are quiet and safe nesting places for large birds that inhabit rocky environments. The Griffon Vulture, the Egyptian Vulture, the Bonneli's Eagle and the Golden Eagle are included in the nesting species that make the Faia Brava a place of high interest for the preservation of Nature.

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    This walking tour allows you to discover the essence and history of Faia Brava Reserve and enjoy the sounds and the  landscape. To be amazed with the flight of the cliff breeds birds that dominate the skies, or ...

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